Real Life Hot Mamas

Here are what some of our faithful customers have to say about Hot Mama Ink

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Hot Mama Ink. I a birds wrap and a skull sling and cannot say enough good things about them. I reviewed the sling on my blog, and it is still holding up wonderfully. The sling is the best purchase I have EVER made. I got it when my younger daughter was about 4 months old, and we still use it with the hip hold now that she is 20 months old. The company is great and I recommend them to everyone!

Terry Bennie

I love Hot Mama Ink clothes! For the record, they are not just for pregnant women! The designs are edgy without being over-the-top. They convey a wry sense of humor that I feel comfortable enough dressing up to wear at the office, or casually, out and about. As a matter of fact, I'm wearing one today! These clothes stand up to repeated washings without looking raggedy. I've had several pieces I've worn to work WEEKLY for years, and they still look good.

One in particular generates compliments every time I wear it! Being a mom is hard work; Hot Mama Ink is an easy way to reward yourself (or some other deserving Hot Mama!)

Denise Los Angeles, CA

I couldn't find any maternity clothes that made feel like I could keep my sense of style.  Then I found Hot Mama Ink!  It helped me feel like rockstar even when I was huge.  Moms to be, treat yourself!  It's worth it.

Donna Indiana

I scored major points when I bought my wife to some Hot Mama Ink tops for Mother's Day!  She looks great in them and loves them.

Richard Fitzpatrick Canada

Tia Maria Torres from Animal Planet's "Pitbulls and Parolees" has been a fan of Hot Mama Ink from the very beginning.   Tia and her daughter even participated in the very first Hot Mama Ink photo shoot.  Hot Mama Ink is also a big fan and supporter of Tia's dog rescue efforts at Villalobos Rescue

Tia Maria Torres New Orleans, LA